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In this video, we explore how Snapchat compares to other social media platforms in affecting your brain.

Media Literacy Assembly Kickoff

On 3/23 Montclair Film in conjunction with the Montclair Cooperative School will partner with Montclair High School for a conversation about Why Media Matters and what students can do to become more active and critical media consumers and producers.

Guest speakers include:

      Dr. Vanessa Domine
      Professor of Communication & Media at Montclair State University

      Michelle Ciulla-Lipkin
      Executive Director, National Association of Media Literacy Education

      Kate Zernike
      Pulitzer Prize winning reporter, New York Times

Media Mash-up Challenge

The Media Mash-up Challenge is an opportunity for students to “talk back to” the media. Students select samples of persuasive messages (commercials, print ads, politics, news clips, science information, etc. ) and use technology to dissect, question, comment, or satirize.

Mash-up videos and posters should be submitted to Montclair Film by April 16th and will be incorporated into a public art installation on display at the Montclair Film Festival (April 26 – May 6.)

The winning videos will be screened before select films at the film festival, and the mash-ups will be celebrated at the Emerging Filmmaker Awards Ceremony and Reception, Montclair Kimberley Academy, Upper School.

The grand prize winning team will also win a FREE Montclair Film Swag & Free lunch at Ruthie’s Bar-B-Q and Pizza!

Media Mash-up Tutorial

Here’s your chance to talk back to media!

Winning Mash-up Team will receive:
     • Cool NEW Montclair Film Swag
     • FREE tickets to a Montclair Film Fest Movie
     • FREE lunch at Ruthie’s Bar-B-Q and Pizza!
     • The Winning Mash-up will be screened before select films at the Montclair Film Festival!

Download Media Mash-up Tutorial

Please know that our team is here to help. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We can answer questions by phone, email, or even come to the school to assist the students. Should you need a studio made available for the students to complete their projects, we can arrange that during school hours, or students can schedule after school drop-in sessions in our Media Labs at 505 Bloomfield Ave.
Contact information: Sue Hollenberg: (973) 435-0493 or Education@Montclairfilm. org

Video Tutorials

Project Guide (from The Lamp's MediaBreaker/Studios).

Guide to Critical Commentary, from MediaBreaker and The LAMP

Guide to Fair Use, from MediaBreaker and The LAMP

Online video Converter : How to convert an online video to a desktop MP4 video

Please contact us if you need additional guidance on video editing options and tools.

Mashed Up Media Samples

Truck Ad – Stereotype of Men

Best Buy Ad- Stereotype of women

Positive Ad that does a good job without cutting people down

5 hour Energy Drink Ad – Promotes critical thinking

Truck- Stereotype of men and women

State Farm Ad- Race stereotype and body image

Chocolate Ad- Exposes Child Labor

Dr. Pepper Ad

Yoplait ad- Food/eating disorder

LAMPlatoon YouTube videos


Mashable Media

Ads that missed the mark: 7 biggest campaign fails - Ad Age

Dove ad racist - New York Times Article

Dove ad - Inside Edition Reports

Ram Truck Super Bowl Ad

Ram Truck - New York Times Article

Gender Stereotype


Times Article and video

Examples mad men style sexism

US will never regulate gender stereotypes - Adweek Article

Britain Cracking Down on Gender Stereotypes in Ads - NYTimes Article

Brands face crackdown on gender stereotypes in advertising - Marketing Week

Sexist Ads

Sexist Super Bowl Ads 2017

Women and men get targeted in ads

Commercials of ridiculously sexist mosgyny anti-feminist

Racist Ads

Chinese detergent ad

5 ads that got it seriously wrong - Huffpost article with examples

Race Stereotype Ads

State Farms Insurance ad

Junk food and Cigarette Ads that target kids

Pepsi commercial

Food and drink ads aimed at kids

Junk food ads and kids - Common Sense Media Report

Do junk food ads disproportionately target minorities? - Fox News

Tobacco, alcohol and junk food ad placement

Tobacco Companies Forced to make ad - USA Today

Anti-smoking tv ads

Tobacco use is a public health problem - FDA

Student Handouts

Media Mash-up Worksheet

Storyboard Template

Key Questions to Analyze Media

Don't Get Fooled: 7 Steps

Media Literacy Educational Sites:

NAMLE - National Association for Media Literacy Education

The LAMP (Learning About MediaProject)

The New York Times Learning Network

MediaOracy (From We the Voters)

Above the Noise (KQED)

Above the Noise: Confirmation Bias

FACTITIOUS (Fake News Quiz)

The News Literacy Project

Fact Checking:


Media Literacy Articles and Videos:

Article - NY Times 10 things we learned about teenagers news diet

Making media literacy great again (Columbia Journalism Review)

Tools that could be used to create the fake news of the future (Washington Post)

How YouTube Drives People to the Internet’s Darkest Corners (Wall Street Journal)

How Flawed Studies Get Famous

Early Facebook and Google Employees Form Coalition to Fight What They Built (NYT)

TED talk - Tristan Harris on how a handful of tech companies control billions of minds

TED talk - Jon Ronson on shaming

Tackling the Internet's Cental Villain: Advertising (NYT)

Video - 60 Minutes on Data Brokers

Video –How Facebook is changing the internet

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